Triple Scoop! Haverford 2019

In late 2018 I was contacted to create a carving from a grand white oak trunk on Trout Run in Haverford, a leafy suburb of Philadelphia.  This tree and one other majestic oak on the property had been badly damaged in a micro burst, a very intense, localized storm.  Instead of taking both trees down, the home owners left one trunk standing.  I was asked to carve it into an ice cream cone to commemorate a past family business, Potts Ice Cream.      

Ice cream lovers

Art patrons
Potts Ice Cream logo
Summer research
The tree trunk as it appeared before I began

Classical inspiration



3 thoughts on “Triple Scoop! Haverford 2019

  1. Would you consider proposal for carving of a large tree stump in brother’s beautiful backyard in Deepdale, near Wayne?
    You are first one I have contacted.
    Thank you,

  2. My tree trunk is not as large as some of your previous and impressive carving. My thought would be of a playful squirrel eating a nut. Hight probably three to four feet high

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