International Ice Sculpture Competitions

From the tundra of Alaska’s interior, to a castle on a rocky island in a frozen river in Finland, to the frigid reaches of China’s far Northeast, Wing has sculpted ice along side the world’s best ice sculptors. Also in some of the most challenging and intense Winter environments on the planet.

A Gold Medal in China

At Long Qing Xia, Beijing Ice and Snow Competition 2020, carving with Cia Shouhua of China, Wing was awarded the Gold Medal, Best Overall. The competition consistied of 30 teams of two artists each, creating two separate ice carvings and one combined snow carving, all in two and a half days.

A Dream Comes True in Harbin, China

The Witch and the Magic Mirror, Harbin Ice and Snow World 2020, with Ansii Kuosa, Finland. Again Wing is on the podium with a Bronze Medal.

Even Bigger than Harbin, Changchun’s New Ice and Snow World

Holding Life in the Balance was created at the new Chanchun Ice and Snow World 2020, with Khishegdalai Altankhuu, aka Aagii. It was a true privilege to partner with a master carver from Team Mongolia. We were also awarded a medal. This time it was silver!

Inter-Planet Tree, Galactic Exploration as We Travel the Space Waves

Still More Ice!