Winged Figure Ohio 2019

This silver maple has stood in my family’s front yard in Columbus, Ohio my whole life.
When it died and was cut down my father left about 14 feet of the trunk for me to carve.
My father’s suburban yard is like a nature preserve.
My brother, James, visited while I was working.
Weather at the end of October can vary wildly.
The wood grain and spalting on this trunk made my task ever fascinating.
The reason the family gathered in Ohio and the timing of my carving coincided with my father’s 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Bob Wing!
Several uninvited guests showed up for the party.
And we had a few occasions to eat cake.
It was really a treat for me to have a week or so to walk out into the yard and carve.
I counted at least seven different deer who frequented the yard.
Tool marks on the torso.
Big girl
Winged beauty
The setting with the completed carving

Dad with his completed carving
The big buck

2 thoughts on “Winged Figure Ohio 2019

  1. Hello Roger, we met your Dad at his home yesterday here in Clintonville, where we live also. We were out on a bike ride and I was stunned to see your sculpture. I have always wanted to see something like this done. Your work is so excellent. My wife and I both thank you for your gift to our neighborhood! Best regards, Chris

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