Changchun Snow 2020

After the ice competition and a pause to celebrate the start of the new decade, the sculptors moved to the adjacent massive blocks of snow to begin the next competition. Wing partnered with his friend from Taiwan, Anan, to create Daughter of the Earth, almost 10 feet high sitting down.

Daughter of the Earth
Wing with teammate Anan
The Iceman Cometh
Flags of many nations, each one represented by a participating sculptor
Li Jing, a Chinese master from Harbin, created this gold medal snow sculpture
Martial arts are the subject of this beautiful Chinese snow sculpture
Italian art critic Gabriele Romeo represented Felix the Cat
Aagii and Eggi, a duo from Mongolia paid tribute to international landmarks
Canan Sönmezdağ Zöngür from Turkey competing in her first ever snow competition
Russian sculpture
Mikhail Sobolev and John Yong Chong Ming
Snowy rabbits popped up in several of the sculptures
Ansii Kuosa of Finland
Japanese master Junichi Nakamura and his Japanese-American teammate, Shinichi Sawamura stretched their block of snow to unreal dimensions to pay tribute to indigenous Alaskan culture
Sculptor Bonggi Park of Korea collaborated with master carver Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren, George, from Mongolia to create something entirely novel and original in snow
Luka Radojevic and Marija Markovic
Luka Radojevic of Montenegro and Marija Markovic of Serbia
Luka Radojevic and Wing paired up on the slopes of the new ski resort adjacent to the Ice and Snow World to film a promo spot for CCTV.

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