Changchun Ice and Snow World 2020

Over the New Year Wing traveled from the sculpture park in the city to the outskirts of Changchun and the brand new, massive ice and snow sculpture park, now the world’s largest. Read more about it from China Daily:

And check out this virtual drone site to get an incredible overview of the whole park. It takes a while to load, and might not load at all from a mobile or older device. Log in with a strong internet connection for a wild time:

Gigantic structures, made entirely of ice or snow, graced the scene of the competition
Opening ceremonies included a New Year’s Eve fireworks display as only China can

Wing partnered with Mongolian artist Khishegdalai Altankhuu, Aagii, to create Aagii’s design Holding Life in the Balance. It was sculpted from a single block of natural river ice 2 meters square and about 38 centimeters thick. Thier creation earned a silver medal.

Holding Life in the Balance
Wing and Aagii
The uncarved block
Chainsaw mastery
Again using a very sharp, aggressive chisel known as a pickle fork
Wing sculpted the three animals and the Philadelphia skyline at the top
Wing hand carving river ice into a rhino with a sharp chisel
The view from the back of the sculpture
The natural river ice had many bubbles, easily visible under artificial lights
Junichi Nakamura and Shinichi Sawamura took first prize for this classic dragon
Muujii Muujii and Uuganaa Enkh created Legend, the other silver medal winner
Baatar Dorjnamjil and Khashbaatar Solongo from Mongolia
Vladimir Barsukov and his Russian teammate created the most far out and original sculpture
A beautifully executed classic design by a team of Chinese sculptors
Canan Sönmezdağ Zöngür from Turkey and Bongo Park from Korea created this sculpture

A lovely aquatic composition by a team of Chinese sculptors
Beautiful sculpture by D Tserenbat Dashbaljir and Bayarsaikhan Bazarsad of Mongolia
Ansii Kuosa of Finland and Anan of Taiwan
John Yong Chong Ming of Malaysia with Mikhail Sobolev of Russia
The world’s tallest Olympic Torch, made entirely of ice
The world’s longest ice slide, 420 meters long and FAST!
Seven-storied ice pagoda
Amazing sights at the Changchun Ice and Snow World
Excitement and anticipation for the 2022 Beijing Olympics manifested as a colossal tower of ice

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