Winged Figure

In October 2019 Wing’s father, Ohio State University Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, Robert Wing, celebrated his 80th birthday. As a way of acknowledging his parents and all the support and sacrifices they made over the years, Wing set out to create a large wood carving in his yard.

A large silver maple had suffered from insects and extensive wind damage. When the upper limbs were removed the trunk was left behind to one day become a sculpture.

When leaves turn and the Buckeyes take to the gridiron, it’s a great time to be in Ohio.

Despite some challenging weather Wing was able to complete the entire carving in time for Halloween, Professor Wing’s 80th birthday.

Wasps and beetles had burrowed into the wood and laid eggs creating some damage as well as some lovely striping, known in the wood trade as ambrosia maple

When the carving was finished, Wing coated the entire sculpture with timber oil, a penetrating finish that helps to preserve the wood and gives the piece an amber color.

After the week of carving, the rest of the family arrived from Philadelphia, from the D.C. area, and Florida. Around 40 friends, colleagues and neighbors all joined in to celebrate the occasion.

The sculpture, Winged Figure, is a neighborhood favorite, made even more so by a 2020 article in the Clintonville Spotlight:

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