The Chief, A Wood Portrait of Joe Tiberino


I was very pleased and honored to be invited this summer to exhibit a sculpture at A Salute to Big Joe, a memorial exhibit for Joseph Tiberino, at Danny Simmons’ brand new gallery Rush Arts Philadelphia.  I created this portrait to honor my friend, mentor and neighbor who passed away at the beginning of the year.  The wood is Aesculus hippocastanum, or European Horse Chestnut, from a tree that grew on Hamilton Street, a few blocks from Joe’s home for the last several decades.  Hanging the show, Opening Night, time spent with the other artists, and bringing family to see the show were all quite memorable occasions.  The show was a beautiful, well attended and fitting tribute to the Man, the Patriarch and the Artist, Joseph Tiberino.  He is dearly missed by all who knew him.


Gallery invitation with drawing by Raphael Tiberino

Joe, family and friends visiting my workspace a year ago

Joe, family and friends visiting my workspace in 2015

Work in progress

Work in progress

Joe's wake at Dirty Frank's

Joe’s wake at Dirty Frank’s

Visiting the studio of Joe's long time friend Leroy Johnson

Visiting the studio of Joe’s long time friend Leroy Johnson with two of Joe’s sons Raphael and Gabriel

Preparing the show with Gail Scuderi

Comparing portraits before the show with Joe’s friend and artist Gail Scuderi

The finished carving flanked by tryptic and self portrait by Joe Tiberino

The finished carving in the gallery flanked by Joe’s tryptic and an early self portrait

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