Wing Carves at the Eleventh International Woodsculpture Symposium in Ringkøbing, Denmark

From July 25th – 30th, 2022, Wing was one of fourteen international sculptors participating in a woodsculpture symposium on the western shore of Jutland, Denmark. In just five and a half days he created a two meter tall sculpture from an oak log that grew in a forest near Rostock, Germany for over 130 years.

Woodsculpture Symposium Poster and cover of the exhibition catalog
The Log
Day One, blocking out the big forms on a rainy day
Peter, the collector of Wing’s latest creation, boldly purchased the piece on Day Two
Roughing out on Days Two and Three, photo by Nelly Luescher
At the end of Day Three the piece was finally lifted off the ground
Triple Twist, standing upright at the end of Day Three
Attacking the interstices with air hammer and gouges
Long chips curling off the sharp gouge
Wing uses a Culturi air hammer from Massa-Carrara, Italy, most commonly used to carve stone, to power his gouges on big projects and especially hard woods like oak
Wing’s new friend, a 400 V portable air compressor
A visit from Wing’s Danish relatives, cousin Anders and family
Event organizer and sculptor, Otto Pilgaard, seen through an opening in Wing’s sculpture
Triple Twist, from Wing’s series Infinite Love
Vernisage, July 30th, the public is invited in to view the newly created sculptures
Tool marks on the surface of the wood echo the rhythms of sea and sky
Defects in the wood remind us that the natural material is a product of over a century of growth, decay, and healing
The split at the base is a reminder of the tree’s massive size and the power that was released when the tree was felled
Wing’s other cousin, Soeren and son Noah crossed the breadth of the country to see the finished sculptures and transport Wing back to Copenhagen for his flight home.

Special thanks to Otto Pilgaard and his great team of volunteers, and to all the sponsors who provided lodging, meals, and ice cream to power the art. And thanks as well to all the participating artists who create, inspire, and make the world go ’round. Cheers! To see images of their fine sculptures please visit:

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