Sand Carving in Travemünde

In March of 2024, I was invited to Travemünde, Germany to carve sand as part of an international, 24 artist team. The theme, Myths and Legends, portrayed a wide range of stories, from the Greek gods of Mount Olympus, to mysterious cryptids such as the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

The Little Mouse of Lübeck and The Devil, by Roger Wing.
The Devil outside St. Mary’s Church in Lübeck.
Me and The Devil, listening to an all Devil playlist on my birthday.
The Little Mouse, a tiny detail of a larger stone carving inside the church, is visited by churchgoers and tourists and rubbed for good luck.
Visited by the Instagram sensation, Free Goat of Lübeck (@freie_ziege_luebeck)

When the first stones of St. Mary were laid the devil believed that this building would be a wine bar. He liked the idea, because many souls had already found their way to him after frequently visiting such a place. So he mixed with the crowd and started to help the workers. No wonder that the building grew higher and higher amazingly fast. But one day the devil had to realise what the building would really be. Full of anger he grabbed a huge boulder to smash the walls that were already standing. He was just flying near through the air when a bold fellow shouted at him: “Just stop it, Mr. Devil! Leave what has already been erected! For you we will build a wine bar just here in the neighbourhood!” The devil was very pleased with this idea. He dropped the boulder beside the wall, where it is lying until this day. One can still see the devil’s claws on the stone. And just opposite the church the workers built the wine cellar of the Town Hall.
Sculpture by Rolf Goerler; sculptor from Lübeck 1999

Raven Steals the Light

The Raven snapped up the light in his jaws, thrust his great wings downward and shot through the smokehole of the house into the huge darkness of the world. The world was at once transformed. Mountains and valleys were starkly silhouetted, the river sparkled with broken reflections, and everywhere life began to stir.”

From Bill Reid’s telling of a Haida creation myth. Full story here:,everywhere%20life%20began%20to%20stir.

Lyle Campbell’s wonderful, asymmetrical graphic design, Sculpin and Eagle, is the basis for my hybrid interpretation of Haida art. Used with the artist’s permission. “Have fun with it.”
The Sandskupturen Travemünde 2024 Team

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