Infinte Love

During 2021, while in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, Wing was commissioned by Carol and Mike Weingarten, to carve the trunk of a large white pine that for years had stood over the end of their driveway in Penn Valley. The piece was to represent their years of marriage, children and grandchildren. Carol wanted a new piece that symbolized infinity. Wing played with many ideas and created several models before settling upon a mobius form.

Following the edge all the way around leads one, after four trips around, back to where they started.
Wing had long be fascinated by the diagrams of M.C. Escher
Satisfied client

Thanks are due to Carol and Mike for creating this opportunity and pushing Wing in a new direction. It should come as no surprise if this sculpture looks similar to Triple Twist, the oak carving he created at the Ringkobing International Sculpture Symposium Denmark, and the pine quick carve he carved with chainsaw only at the 2022 Ridgway Rendezvous.

Triple Twist, Ringkobing, Denmark
Triple Twist chainsaw only carving, paint by Bariq Cobbs